Abby Aitcheson

In 2012 I had completed a degree in English Literature (which I adored) and a degree in Law (which I felt rather ambivalent about), and I was on my way to becoming a junior solicitor. The Whitireia Publishing Programme saved me from this terrible fate! I knew on day one of the courses that I was right where I belonged. I was surrounded by grammar geeks, punctuation pedants, design dorks and marketing maestros, all of whom quickly became my good friends.

I began the course with a lot of rigid ideas about what sort of career I wanted, but I became much more open-minded as I was introduced to the multifarious tasks a publisher can expect to face. I particularly enjoyed working on my own project throughout the year, taking a book from manuscript to the shelf.

Once I finished the course I began working as an editorial assistant at PQ Blackwell, a publishing company that works with globally recognised figures to produce beautiful books. I am excited about the years to come, in terms of my own career and with regard to the New Zealand publishing industry.

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