Kaye Jujnovich, Head of School

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Kaye Jujnovich is a long serving and experienced staff member having worked at Whitireia since 1992.  Kaye now begins a new journey as the Head of School Te Auaha, supporting Director Te Auaha Victoria Spackman, and is looking forward to the opening of the new campus in February 2018.

"Having arts programmes and staff in the same building will create a vibrant and magical environment."

Kaye has been involved in Te Auaha New Zealand Institute of Creativity since the beginning, and is looking forward to what the future holds. Unsurprisingly, as she focuses on building the team around her, people are at the forefront of her thinking. 

Bringing a wealth of experience to the role Kaye is well positioned to lead the development of creative technology and applied arts programmes for Te Auaha.

Kaye has always had a keen passion for the arts and education and believes that "the arts are an excellent medium for instruction in any education system."

Her tertiary study included majoring in the arts during her studies at the Wellington College of Education, and she continued her arts studies, as well as counselling while completing graduate teaching qualifications.

Kaye Jujnovich2

Kaye Jujnovich

As Head of School for Teacher Education at Whitireia, Kaye became interested in what leadership meant in a tertiary organisation, and used this interest for her Masters.

In 2007, Kaye was appointed Dean of Arts, a natural progression from her previous role of Associate Dean for the faculty of Health and Education. 

Kaye is a firm believer in equity, not just equality. She believes that sometimes people need more assistance than others to ensure “the playing field is even. This is the role of education at all levels.”

Kaye has worked in the international area for a number of years. She worked with ambassadors in South East Asia, promoting and supporting New Zealand education and products.

After completing a World Bank project in 2014 on improving teaching in Indonesia, she became involved in a project to provide young Indonesian children with reading material which reflects their world, rather than the lives of others. This project is a partnership between Whitireia Creative Writing and Publishing programmes and Himpaudi, an Indonesia education organisation. "It is a really good example of getting the right people together to make things happen."

In 2012, Kaye was asked to promote the arts in China. It was during this visit that she and Mei Chi from International Marketing set up a programme to send Whitireia staff to Hunan City University to teach Visual Arts and Design. 

"The Hunan City University partnership is highly beneficial to everyone involved, and is quite significant for staff, as it changes the way they teach. It allows the teaching staff the space to step out of the everyday environment and consider teaching from multiple perspectives. This key international relationship will carry forward into Te Auaha and I am looking forward to establishing many more opportunities for our new Institute of Creativity."