About Us

Te Auaha brings together the arts and creative programmes of Whitireia and WelTec under one roof in our purpose-built campus in the heart of Wellington.

Te Kāhui Auaha (the full name of our Cuba Street campus) is a world-class institute, delivering leading programmes in creativity and innovation, proud of our place in the Pacific, in our home of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Our spaces have been designed to allow our students to collaborate within and across genres to inspire innovation. For more information check out Our Campus

Our Vision

Wellington has a reputation for world-class screen production and technology development. It is a national arts, music, dance, museum, festival and events mecca. It is the perfect location for an institute of applied creativity.

Te Auaha has been built to welcome and inspire our next generation of creatives. It is a place for the story-tellers, the circuit-breakers, the challengers, the inventors, the communicators, the artisans, the leaders and the visionaries of the future.

As a student you will be surrounded by like-minded, ambitious peers and expert tutors, working in new, purpose-built facilities. You will be in a place where creativity and talent collide, combine and evolve.

It is the place to study for those who want to turn their aspirations into reality.

Our Name

Bringing together shapers, creators and innovators into a single space is the inspiration for the name of the new building,

“Te Kāhui Auaha” “the cluster of creativity”.

This is the home of “Te Auaha”, meaning “the creative” – the New Zealand Institute of Creativity.

“Te Auaha” is a proud and strong name, which celebrates and welcomes the students who enter through our doors.

Te Auaha’s description as the “New Zealand Institute of Creativity” communicates its position as a leader in delivering educational excellence, with a focus on experiential learning in a stimulating shared environment that will broaden students’ creative skills and prepare them for success in the creative sector.

Visual Identity

Our visual identity draws on the concept of giving a voice to the creative students who attend Te Auaha. It combines an exclamation mark symbolising the unique, creative voice our students will find, with a waharoa, or gateway, to a creative future. Together, they form the “A” in Auaha.

The identity uses the black and yellow that identifies it as belonging to Wellington - the creative heart of New Zealand. Yellow is also associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy.

The brand identity is a strong, confident and unique visual mark. It is easy to identify and simple to draw. It can be interpreted in many ways to represent the different programmes within “Te Auaha.”

Māori definition

The word 'auaha' means any of the following – to shape, to create, to form, to fashion, creative, innovative

'Te Kāhui' is a term commonly heard among Taranaki Whānui and lends the support to 'auaha' which means – cluster, hub, clan, flock, company. Therefore Te Kāhui Auaha can be interpreted as any of the following:

  • The Innovative Cluster/Hub
  • The Creative Cluster/Hub

We are grateful to Te Atiawa and Ngāti Toa for their support and assistance in the design and selection of our name.


Pupuke te hihiri
From the welling up of emotions to a sense of desire
Pupuke te mahara
From the welling up of emotions to creative thought
Pupuke te wānanga
From the welling up of emotions to new-found knowledge
Te wānanga nui o te kāhui auaha
The abundance of philosophical knowledge of the innovative cluster

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