Creative Technologies

Create design in 2D and 3D media. Experiment with creative technologies including printmaking, photography, laser cutting, 3D printing and so much more to develop a specialism.

Learn practical skills in your craft from tutors who are artists and designers themselves and are connected to industry. This discipline prepares students for a wide range of careers which include: graphic/visual communication design, illustration, animation and motion graphics, web design, and prop making for set design in film. The overall aim of this programme is to build expertise in the discipline, by developing creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative skills.

There are four ‘threads’ running through the creative technologies programme. These are:

1. Image Making

Evidencing the hand and discovering the how ‘happy accidents’ made through visual arts and/or crafts practices are invaluable for creating original content in design. Drawing, printmaking and photography classes underpin these courses.

2. Design and Creative Studio

Understanding and applying the elements and principles of design are embedded in these studios. Graphic, illustrative and motion design outcomes are produced by using Adobe CC applications including InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop. 

3. Applied Media

2D and 3D-making and modelling occur in these workshop courses. Concept drawings for imaginative worlds are realised through a process of physical prototyping, which utilises laser cutting, 3D printing and virtual reality skills.

 4. Digital Studio

These courses encompass the digital world of design and creativity. Interactive Multimedia design is the primary focus, that includes Website design, Mobile app prototyping, Interactive media and animation and 3D modelling and visualisation for screen-based content. 

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