Vibrating Wax

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Blue Venus, the latest exhibition at Te Auaha opens today at 5.30pm. Blue Venus is an installation of work by Whitireia graduate Sam Dollimore.

DSC 4393 Blue Venus2

The exhibition is comprised of multiple wax objects and domestic paraphernalia from the artist’s living room. “Blue Venus wryly acknowledges what it means to feel erotically inadequate in a world where image and performance are everything, and the subtleties of physical sensation and personal experience are lost amongst the noise” says Chris White, curator of the exhibition and Programme Manager of Visual Arts & Design at Te Auaha. “Like something out of a dream, the installation mixes seductive materiality with mundane domesticity. Making no attempt at rational construction, Blue Venus instead invites you to share in a soft interior psychological space with a sense of play and self-aware humour.”

“Dollimore’s work is humorous and playful in keeping with the smell of bees’ wax that overpowers and charms you as you enter the gallery. The work is richly metaphorical and a great example of the breadth of work being made by our graduates” said Te Auaha Director Victoria Spackman.

Sam Dollimore is based in Titahi Bay, Porirua. She did her undergraduate art education at Whitireia Polytechnic and completed a Masters of Fine Arts from Whitecliffe College of Art & Design in 2016. Dollimore’s practice is based around problems, anxieties and the coping processes of the psycho-sensual body.  Her work often references gender, body image, popular psychological and erotic theories, and surrealism. She says “I don’t know why absurdity and utter ridiculousness give such creative fulfillment. But I do think I live in a world where the scrutinising, policing, idealising, fetishising, and commercialising of bodies, gender and sexuality is constant, unavoidable, and often debilitating. In that world, doing the least sensible thing somehow becomes the most constructive thing to do”.


Blue Venus runs from 23 October until 16 November 2018

Te Auaha Gallery, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington. 10am – 6pm Monday – Friday.