(65 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011)

What would happen if jeweller Jessica Winchcombe and photographer Paul Green let go of the control they usually exercise in their more commercial work?

If things were allowed to run their own course? If the wearer’s persona was allowed free reign? If no instructions were given on how – and even where – the Jessica’s pieces should be worn? If the pieces themselves were ‘unloosed’?

unloosed 2

In April 2019 Jess and Paul decided to find out via an experimental ‘pop-up’ show they held at the Sherwood community hotel in Queenstown.

“Guests were met with a table of Jessica's experimental jewellery, a photo-taking space, and an invitation to try the pieces on and pose for the camera. No other direction was given from either jeweller or photographer. Guests were allowed to respond to the pieces in their own way, wearing them and interacting with them spontaneously.”

The outcome was unpredictable. 

By letting go of the normal formalities, direction and control, the work took on its own life.

The results of that experiment became ‘UNLOOSED’ – an exhibition playing with performance, photography, objects and jewellery.

Dates: 18 July - 30 July, Monday to Friday, 10 am- 6 pm  

Location: 65 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Entry: Free

Jewellery by Jessica Winchcombe 

Photographs by Paul Green