Jogakbo, Pieces of Memories

(Te Auaha Gallery, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington)

Jogakbo is a patchwork square of quilted fabric traditionally used to create wrapping cloths (Bojagi) from scraps of leftover fabric.

Traditionally Jogakbo has been used to either cover a dining table to protect the food from dust, pack precious things such as wedding gifts, or carry things. Today it is recognized as an artwork of its own right, and even compared to the abstract paintings by Piet Mondrian or Paul Klee. In Korea, Jogakbo is still commonly used in daily life for things such as table runners, pouches or bookmarks.

Te Auaha

Hosted by the Korean Embassy in Wellington, the exhibition “Jogakbo, Pieces of Memories” is open from 9 to 13 July as part of the 2019 K-Culture Week.

This exhibition showcases various sizes and colors of Jogakbo made by Wellington-based Bojagi artists as well as Ssamzisarang Boudoir Craft Academy artists of Korea.

Want to make your own Korean traditional embroidery? The exhibition also has Korean Traditional Pouch Making Have a Go workshop that will be held every day for 30 minutes. For more information please visit our Facebook page.

Date: 9 July - 13 July

Times: 10:00am - 6:00pm, Tuesday – Friday (9 – 12 July), 10:00am - 3:00pm, Saturday (13 July)

Location: Te Auaha Gallery, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington