Fringe Festival: Only Bones

(Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington)

Monckton’s stage is one metre square.  There’s a chair, a lamp and a circle on the floor. With its quirky, low-tech aesthetic and using just his bendy, bickering, wiggling hands and seemingly uncontrollable face,  Monckton creates an exquisite piece of micro-physical theatre unlike anything you’ve  seen. An hypnotic show about a lot, using very little.

20151228 OB Mouth Credit Aurelia Tassafi Thom MoncktonOnly Bones v1.0 has toured around the world and to various venues ranging from a pink-walled meeting hall in Lapland, Finland, to a converted prison camp in French  Guiana. From a prestigious national museum in Mexico to a derelict mansion in Latvia and a much-too-large theatre in Hangzhou, China. 

Shortlisted for Edinburgh Fringe Total Theatre Awards 2016   

Winner – NZ Fringe Awards 2015: Best in Physical Theatre (demo version) 

Dates:​ 12th - 16th March 7:00pm & 8:30pm  

Location:​ ​Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington 

Tickets:​ Standard $20, Concession $15, Fringe Addict $14 

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