NZ International Comedy Festival: Eli Matthewson

(Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington 6011)

2019 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo
Fifteen Thousand Co. Presents
Myth and Legend​

Eli Matthewson spent three years on a degree in Classics, and the amount of money he's earned from that qualification is currently... $0. But that is all about to change.

Fred Award-nominated comedian Eli uses his degree for the first time in a comedy lecture that combines Ancient Myths with his own legendary life stories.

A show for anyone who studied something useless.

As seen on The Male Gayz, Comedy Gala, 7 Days.

★★★★★ - Short Com, UK

★★★★★ - Fresh Fringe, UK

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R15 - Occasional Bad Language & Adult Themes