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International Prospectus

Int. Prospectus image Alicia

Recently the Whitireia and WelTec International Department put out a call for a student design to be used for the cover of the 2021 International Prospectus. Jingyun Zhao (Alicia), an international student from Hunan City University, who is currently working towards her Bachelor of Creativity degree, responded. We were delighted to hear that her illustration of the ‘mama’ butterfly character, found within the Miao minority culture was selected. 


Dystopian Cities


Applied Media staff are pleased with the way this Level 5 Diploma project is playing out. Students begin by researching buildings within Wellington city, and they design their own version of a building based on research and then convert this to 2D vector files. These vector files are used for laser cutting to assemble physical scale model buildings. These physical buildings are also converted into 3D models using Blender. The physical buildings are then placed into cityscapes, which is filmed by a drone, which in turn allows for files to be converted for use in Unity. Students are experimenting with these files in virtual reality (VR), to create imaginary environments for animation and film outcomes. 



3D Character and Environment

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This work is a work in progress of a design and build of an ancient Chinese mythical story about the transformation of a carp into a Dragon. According to the story, carp swim upstream, and if they are successful in making the jump up a waterfall at Dragons gate, they will become a powerful dragon. The Chinese Dragon has long been an auspicious symbol of great and benevolent, magical powerMing Chuan Yuan or Allen has produced these initial concept designs for both the carp and the dragon. This project will eventually encompass a series of environment concept studies and then full 3D models of the characters and environment also.

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 Character Design

bernardo 2This work is a work in progress of a design re-boot of the animated TV show “Dungeons and Dragons” This project will eventually encompass a series of environment concept studies also. 

bernardo 1


 DSC 2849

The GS1 New Zealand barcode design competition is a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage in a real-world industry project. The objective is to creatively enhance the design of barcodes, with consideration to technical parameters. The students are also invited to create a brand identity for a chosen product, including developing a name, logo, colour palette, imagery as well as retail packaging.

GS1 has been very impressed by the student’s level of engagement and have acknowledged the high standard of work created. In 2019 special mention went to winners Keehwa Hong, Mehulkumar Patel and Brooke Tunley, and highly commended went to Yvette Miao Ke and Zoe Zhiying Chen. 

So often Barcodes are an under considered element in design and by providing students this opportunity, an application of skills has been gained together with a confidence to creatively integrate barcodes into future design work. 

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